Get involved!

Do you have a yen to trace your family? A desire to understand just why your home town grew like it did? A craving to understand the development of your favourite sport or your alma mater? 

“The study of the past and telling its stories are critical to our sense of belonging, to our communities and to our shared future.” Opening paragraph of The Value of History Statement, History Council of Victoria. 

History Month is an initiative of the late Professor Weston Bate. Weston Bate was a consummate and passionate community historian who throughout his life, including several stints as President of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, brought people together and enthused them to collect and interpret their local history. 

Weston Bate’s History Month is an opportunity, wherever you live in Victoria, to get involved. There are close to 400 historical societies scattered across rural, regional and suburban Victoria. Find your local history group, become a member, volunteer, seek out their events, start uncovering your history and add another thread to the history of your community.

History and genealogy societies involve at least 20,000 history buffs across Victoria – it is a big and growing movement.

If you’d like to know where your closest Historical Society is please contact the RHSV: 03 9326 9288 |